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Angels & Animals Online Greeting Cards, E Cards and Postcards

Angel Eyes Card Shoppe
General assortment of pure angels

Four pages of angelic artwork

Angel Rays
General - A joyful heart is good medicine

General - Angel Theme: Angels, art and photos, encouragement, comfort and support, family, friendship, fun, java, holidays, lyrics and music, ....

AngelWinks Heavenly Post Card Shoppe
Angels, love, Betty Boop, holidays, hugs, elves, Holly Hobbie, humor, angel kisses, angel hearts, waterfall, smiles, kiss and make-up, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC cards, Snowglobes, dolphins, Nick at Nite, weekend, retirement, hot air balloons, horses, clowns, Raggedy Ann, Wizzard of Oz

KrystalRose Krystal Angels
The Krystal Angels hold the special virtues and powers of the crystals they represent. They love to visit and watch over or encourage your loved ones, and these little cards announcing the presence of the Krystal Angels are free

My Angel Postcard Shop
24 beautiful pictures of angels

Virtual Angel Cards
Created by Laura Fredericks.

Bird Loss Sympathy Cards
Animals - Birds: Sympathy cards. Birds

Someone Sent You A Greeting
Animals - Birds: Photographs of the Acorn woodpecker, bluebird, cardinal, chinstrap, egret, pied-billed grebe, red-shouldered hawk, ring neck pheasant, ruby-throated hummingbird, scarlet macaw, wood duck, yellow warblers.

Action Cat Postcards
Daily and seasonal cards, occasions, specialized occasions

Babycat's Kitty Cards
Animals - Cats: Kitty Cats. Add music or your own pictures

Cat Loss Sympathy Cards
Sympathy cards. Cats

Here Kitty Kitty Cards
Cards for all occasions with a kitty theme

Wehnert's Kitty Cards




Animals: Greeting Cards, E Cards and Postcards

T-Rex Virtual Cards
Animals - Dinosaurs: Pick any Dino card.

Animals -Dogs: Toy dogs

Dog Loss Sympathy Cards
Animals - Dogs: Sympathy cards. Dogs

KC's Dog Ecards
Toy dogs (Pomeranian, Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Papillon, Cavaliers, Brussels Griffon, Italian Greyhound, Poodle, Miniature Pincer Pups...)


Sympathy Cards for Dogs
Sympathy cards.

Awesome Cyber Cards
Awesome Chinese Year of the Dragon Cards

DePanda Gifts
Tree-free dragon greeting cards

Dracitas Dragons
Silver Dragon Breath's Dragon Greeting Cards

Here is the Dragonheart trading card set! There is a total of 72.

EbonDragon Productions
Dragon Greeting Cards & Post Cards. EbonDragon Productions offers a wide selection of general and specialty greeting cards for every occasion!

Gryphon's Moon
Fire Dragon, Cobweb Fairy, Artemis, Phoenix Rising, Crescent Faery, Moon Falls, Sword Angel and more

Our tree free mystical greeting cards have vibrant images from world-renowned artists. Tree Free cards are so named because they are produced using paper made from fibres from a plant called Kenaf. No trees have been destroyed in their manufacture, helping to protect our environment. Also, as no chlorine is needed to bleach tree-free paper this means that no harmful dioxins are released into the air. Kenaf is grown in Notrth America bringing income to farmers and preserving the forests.

MoonFairye's Dragon eCards
Wander through my moonlit estate, as you please. But beware of the dragons and mischevious fairies. I take no responsibility for what may happen.

Selena Fenech
Dragon Fae Blue, Dragon Fae Pink, Dragon Fae Purple

Wicked Moon Virtual Postcards
Dragons: unicorns, fantasy, aliens, love friendship, birthday.


Custom Search




Animals: Ferret Online Greeting Cards, E Cards and Postcards

Ferret Loss Sympathy Cards
Sympathy cards.

AMHA Cards
American Miniature Horse Association

Farrier's Greeting Cards
Occasions, holidays, sympathy

Horse Loss Sympathy Cards
Sympathy cards. Horses

Horse Postcards
General and holidays.

Webmania Designs
Dolphins, manatee.

Billy Bear's Postcards
Animal Giggles, Baby Animals, Birds, Butterfly, Big Cats, Bears, Dinosaurs, Dolphins, Elephants, The Fish Bowl, Flowers, Giraffe, Gorilla, Horse, Koala, Ocean Life, Orangutan, Pandas, Pets, Primates, Reptiles, Wildlife.

Dr. Dolittle, The Goldfish, Rodney The Guinea Pig

Kritter Cards
Aligators to zebras and beavers to porcupines. Over 75 different categories of animals

Nickey's Postcards
Seven pages of animals and cartoon characters

Wired 2000 Post Cards
Baby Animals, beaches, birds, butterflies, cats, dogs, farm animals, sea life, wildlife.




Animals: Pet Online Greeting Cards, E Cards and Postcards

Doggie fun, cute cats, birds, holiday pets, aqua fun, horses

Cats pets

Little Post Corner
Kittens, puppy

Pet Loss Sympathy Cards
Sympathy cards for pet loss

Rainbow Rise Pet Sympathy Card Shoppe
Sympathy cards. Pet Loss - Tracks in the Sand

Sandtracker Pet Loss Cards
Sympathy Cards

Sunrise Pet Sympathy Cards
Sympathy cards for pets

Webmania Designs

Webmania Designs


Wild cats

Rat/Mouse Loss Sympathy Cards
Animals - Rat/Mouse: Sympathy cards. Rat/Mouse

Squirrel Rehab
Animals - Squirrels: Squirrel Wildlife Rehabilitation's Virtual Greeting Cards. Also bear, lambs, horses, frogs, deer, giraffe, goat, tiger.




Animals: Wildlife Online Greeting Cards, E Cards and Postcards

Bears, big cats, elephants, endangered, fish, frogs, insects, marsupials, primates, reptiles, rodents, sea life, wolves

Counterpoint Design Animal Greeting Cards
Bordered animal photograph cards (paper cards). Bear, bird, sea life, big cats, African wildlife, "Old Glory"

Wolf & Animal Cards
Wolves, bears, buffalo, eagles, horses, moose and Native American Prints

Someone Sent You A Greeting
Baby Photographs of the Artic fox, black bear, bobcat, cougar, gray fox, grizzly bear, harp seal, lynx, mallard duck, ocelot, porcupine, raccoon, red fox, screech owl, timber wolf, white-tailed deer

Someone Sent You A Greeting
Wildlife, African: Photographs of the antelope, crowned crane, elephant, giraffe, gorilla, greater kudu, hippotamus, leopard, lion, meerkats, pink flamingos, white rhinoceros, zebra

Someone Sent You A Greeting
Wildlife, Alaskan: Photographs of the arctic fox, arctic hare, husky, bald eagle, black bear, caribou, elk, grey wolf, grizzly bear, lynx, moose, mountain goat, polar bear, sea otter, snowy owl, spotted seals

Virtual Presents
Buffalo, rhino, musk ox, donkey, pig, lion fish, gorilla, turtle, bear, frog, flamingo

Wildflower Cards

Wolf & Anmal Cards
Wolves, bears, buffalo, eagles, horses, moose and Native American Prints

Defenders of Wildlife

Personalized Imprintable Invitations and Announcements Cards for Baby/Birth Announcements, Moving Announcements, Thank You Note Cards, Baby Showers, Adult and Children Birthdays, Parties, Baptism and Christening, Holidays and Patriotic, Business Invitations & Announcements, and more.

New Baby.

Personalized and Customized Imprintable Invitations and Announcements Cards for Baby Showers, Adult and Children Birthday, Parties, Moving, Thank You Cards, Baptism, Christening & other Religious Cards, Holidays, Bridal & Weddings, Patriotic Cards, Business Invitations, Baby & Birth Announcements, Graduations, and many more!

Webmania Designs
New Baby.

Aetiket E-Cards
Portfolios (Hiroko Miyamoto, Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Gustave Doré), Japanese woodblock (Hiroshige, Kawase Hasui, Bijin-ge), Galleries (Stuart Jackson), Artists (Matt Brown, Hiroko Miyamoto, Christine Samuel, Robert tracy, Jason Vanderhill), travel photos

AIDA Art Lover's Greeting's
Occasions, Holiday (Beautiful pieces of Art photos)

Art Postcards
View paintings, sculptures and crafts by a spectrum of creative artists and designers working today. When you see something that you like just select - 'That's It' and you will be on your way to sending an 'Art postcard'...

B&W, anecdotes, fantasy worlds, house mouse, inspirational, poetry nature, watercolors

Follow Your Dreams
Welcome to our Inspirational Fine Art Postcards, We used fine art from famous master artists of yesteryear, and the contemporary art of today whose work ranges from watercolors to digital art and photography

Jørn's Digital Postcard Program
Jørn Bjerge, 61, living in Denmark, Europe. The surroundings are inspiring nature with sea, clouds, woods and lakes. Since age 12 I have made outdoor paintings in watercolour, oil and now acrylic, too. Please enjoy sending these artworks

Little Africa Greeting Cards
African American:

Nickey's Postcards
Six pages of art

The Electric Postcard
In holidays (Hanukkah, non-denominational, Madonnas, Santas), paintings (da Vinci, Vermeer, Gaugin, Van Gogh, Monet and more...), paintings of children, photography (Ginsberg, Altman, Grandjean), comtemporary art (Rheingold, Borsky, Edwards), graphics (Legal Tender, Alice in Wonderland, US Postal, Stamps, Graffiti), science (Images from Space, Insects)

Victorian Art For Mother
These antique images from our private Victorian Era collection can be freely used to make your mom or wife a special card or greeting. Download it to your hard drive.

Virtual Florist
Van Gogh, Monet
Wicked Moon
Vincent Van Gogh.




Astrology, Horoscope and Zodiac Online Greeting Cards, E Cards

AquarianAge StarGate
All our postcards are designed around an astrological theme, yet still flexible and responsive to variations of personal needs and occasions. You can even choose a MIDI tune

Mallunique Card Emporium

Horoscopes. General, romantic

Virtual Florist

Awesome Cyber Cards


Signs of the Zodiac

Astronomy For Kids -from dustbunny.

Uncle Sam Wants You..., Mumia Mia, By George!,

BethAnns Attitude
Attitude - Rednecks

BethAnns Attitude
Female Flashbacks: A Women's Rule of Thumb-- - If it has tires or twesticles....

BethAnns Attitude

BethAnns Attitude
Just Stuff

Brian's Brain Humor!
Humorous Sarcasm: Two pages of wonderfully silly cards with a hint of sarcasm

Insults: Sugar-coated snake, useless wreck, you stink
CrossDaily Greeting E-Cards
Wacky: Propeller head, puddle award, Tag, It's a jungle in here today

The quick ditch-letter generator suitable for all stalkers

Don's Boss Page
Sarcasm: Rough day in the cubicles? Cheer up your friends and co-workers with one of Don's wacky postcards

Dumbentia Internet Postcards
Sarcasm: Tired of those sweet and schmaltzy postcard sites? Select one of the... *ahem* unusual Dumbentia image choices and add your own message. You can also choose from hundreds of "normal" images as well

Dysfunctional Greetings
Reminders: Dysfunctional greetings (friends with bad breath? or?)

Bill Clinton E card

George W Bush E card

Jesse Jackson E card

FourPets E-Cards
Computers: Windows Apocalypse, Win98, computer frustration, computer happiness, computer revenge, computer sarcasm, computer insults

Get Lei'd Greetings
Getting Lei'd is one of life's greatest pleasures!  There are many styles you can pick from to Lei someone you love! Once you have been Lei'd, you may want to Lei someone else!! 

Insults: Give your friends/enemies a personalized little clue.  I don't care why you feel you need to send one.  So, just get ready to hurl your best clue!

Postcards From The Thirteenth Dimension
Sarcasm: Richie Millenium awaits with bizarre messages for you and your friends

Attitude: Neighbors noise, inconsiderate, mystery of lost socks, green peas, noisy mice, fashion, graffiti, collection agency, shark stories, junk mail

Virtual Insults
Attitude - Insults: Over 350 insults!!!

Diseased Sarcasm: Send a disease to anyone. Acne, Athlete's Feet, Black Eye, Bubonic plague, Chicken Pox, Cholera, Cold Sores, Dandruff, Diarrhea, Herpes, Halitosis, Nose Bleed, Pink Eye, Pubic Lice, Rabies, Scabies, Syphilis, Tennis Elbow, Tooth Ache, Warts

YPL Insensitivity Cards
Insults: When you care to be brutally honest. Our wide selection allows you to mock the unhappy circumstances, embarrassing failures, and painful experiences of a friend or relative, and to share that derision with almost anyone.




Carousel Online Greeting Cards, E Cards and Postcards

Carousel Postcards
Send a carousel postcard, Original artwork is by Arlene Landers.

2Cute Cards!
Pooh, Garfield, Snoopy, Eek, Misc.

Best Regards
Looney Tunes, Garfield, Married With Children, Ren And Stimpy, Seinfeld, Pinky And The Brain, South Park, Sunsets, Sceneries, Waterfalls

Dino Cards
T-REX. Featuring action scenes from the popular T-REX series

Garfield Greeting Cards
Garfield. Brighten someone's day, occasions, holidays. (English, French, Spanish)

Garfield E Cards

Looney Tunes E Cards

Nickey's Postcards
Seven pages of cartoon characters and animals

South Park Greetings
South Park. Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Kenny, Chef, Ike, Mr. Hankey, Terrance & Phillip, celebrities, friendship, love, hate, holidays, 3D images

The Marvin Files-Virtual Postcards
Marvin Martian: Birthdays, Hang-on, Love, Sorry, Misc,

WeB Cards
Free and Fee cards, Warner Bros. Originals plus Looney Tunes, Movies, TV and Music cards.

Astounding Graphics Postcards
(1,000's of cards): Humorous, cheesy, pinups, movies, celebrities, art, curious, musicians

Goldblum O'Grams
Want to share your love of Jeff with others? You've come to right place. Pick a photo, add some text (maybe some music) and send someone you know a great Goldblum O'gram for free

KISS Postcards
KISS. Crea tu KISSpostal, Elige una ilustración

Married With Children Greeting Cards
Nickey's Postcards
Six pages of celebrities

Rod Stewart Cards
Rod Stewart.

Vermont Teddy Bear

Betty Boop Card Shop
Betty Boop. Biker Betty, Bathtub Betty, Wishing Betty, Hitch Hiker Betty, 50's Betty, Tropical Betty, Sexy Betty

Frank and Ernest's Greeting Cards
Frank & Ernest. The syndicated comic strip

Gills Lap Postcards
Pooh. Includes Pooh's puzzle cards

Peanuts Postcards
Peanuts. Love & friendship, birthday, seasonal, occasions.

Baxter Black
Cowboy, Poet and Humorist

Cowboy / Cowgirl Cards
Cowboy/Cowgirl Cards And Gifts from Leanin' Tree. Each greeting card is an impeccably printed, full-color reproduction of original fine art or photography by one of our country's finest artists, and comes with a colorfully designed matching envelope! So special and unique, these colorful Cowboy and Cowgirl cards and gifts will make treasured keepsakes.

Cowboy Graffiti
Greeting Cards, Invitations and Post Cards

Cowboy Way
Send A Cowboyway Greeting Card

Cowboys and The West
Welcome to Kaye York's Art from the Heart. Most images are available as prints, greeting cards, notepads, calendars as well as some originals. For a description of the various product formats, click on Prints & More button above.

Gunfighter Greeting
Billy The Kid, Pat Garrett, Wild Bill Hickok, Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, Jogn Wesley Hardin, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Doc Holliday, Frank McLaury, Ike Clanton, Johnny Ringo and more...

Equine Addicts
Southwest & Native America Greeting Cards in Tins.




Cultural Online Greeting Cards, E Cards and Postcards

G'day Down Under
From Australia: G'day, holidays, Australian day, just because, you're special, thanks, best wishes, good luck, love, you're welcome

Arabic & Islamic: Arabia, Arabic poem, birthday, congratulations, Eid, friendship, Islamic, love, Ramadhan, wedding

Japan Culture Club
Japanese: Gandalf gallery, Christmas, New Years, funny Japanese/English, virtual Onsen, Japanese mtns, Japan slide show, Kanji calligraphy, scenic, Japanese music, Japanese kitchen, shrine, scenes from Kamakura, over 3,000 picture selection

Cards JHOM
Jewish: General greeting cards

Ahavat Israel
Jewish: Postcards, The Western Wall, The Third Temple, Shabbat SDhalom!

Jewish: New Year, weddings, anniversary, toddlers, holidays, special events, birthday, romance

Jewish Holiday Cards
Jewish: Passover, Purim, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Yom Kippur.

Judaism cards

Designs For Better Giving
Multicultural: Cards, art and gifts (paper cards)

Multicultural Birthday E-Postcards

Islamic Cards
Multicultural: Religion, encouragement, events & milestones, comfort & support, pets, nature, flowers

Talking Leaf Gourd Postcards
Native American: Gourds: Cherokee Waterpipe, Medicine Wheel, Sun Pin, Wind Gourd, Corn Rattle.

BethAnns Attitude
7 Days of the Week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun

French Fry Day, Pancake Day, Jewelry Day, Betty Boop Day, Asparagus Day, Fishing Day, Scarecrow Day, Twins Day, Chicken Day, Monoply Day, Bad Hair Day.




Disney Online Greeting Cards, E Cards and Postcards

Ariel's Secret Postcard Grotto
Disney - The Little Mermaid: 16 full color picture.

Sea, land and air

Wildlife, flora, endangered, flowers, holidays, people, love, landscapes, places, animations. Cards with a global, educational and environmental twist.

Grinning Planet
We've tried to collect here on one page all the sites that have earth-friendly greeting cards, whether they're animated greeting cards, funny greeting cards, holiday greeting cards, romantic/love greeting cards, or free greeting cards that fit somewhere in the general theme of caring about nature, wild animals, and the environment.

Photographer's Edge
The stunning contrast between your photographic print and our richly textured cardstock naturally brings out the best in your photography. The cards are printed on recycled cardstock using environmentally friendly soybean based inks. We use earthy colors so they will complement, not compete or clash, with your images.

The Nature Conservancy
Share your love of nature by sending a free nature e-card today! An e-card is a perfect way to brighten up somebody's day, while demonstrating your love of nature to your friends and family.

The Ocean Conservancy
Send Free E-Cards.

Fantasy Postcards
General: Holidays, Java, Java puzzles, snowglobes, occasions, love & romance, Friendship, family, pets, artists, angels, flowers, seasons, kids, nature

Rigel 7: Send a TechnoGram

The Fantasy Wolf Card Shop
Wolf, wild, angels, love, b'day, big cat, fantasy, friend, baby, pet, holiday, Pagean, vampire

Wicked Moon Virtual Postcards
Dragons, unicorns, Babylon 5, humor, star wars, aliens, love friendship, birthday.

Fun, have a blast, Happy New Year, joy & happiness, celebrate

Awesome Cyber Cards


Loquax Postcards




Flower Online Greeting Cards, E Cards and Postcards

All Yours Digital Postcard

Art E-Cards
Roses say you care. Holiday greetings or wedding bells in your future... or a friend? is today your anniversary, someone's birthday? send a get well, a thank you, congratulations, or just missing you

Roses, hearts, sunflowers, moonrose, tulips, daffodills, daisies, calendula, stargazer lily, violets, orchids, lilacs, azalea, anthurium, kalanchu, chaconia snowglobe, (Multi-lingual site)

Virtual flowers, virtual gifts, virtual roses, digital cards, cartoon cards

MakeMeHappy Flowers
Roses, assorted, unusual

Mallunique Card Emporium
more flowers

Someone Sent You A Greeting
Photographs of the bird of paradise, blue iris, crimson cosmos, daffodils, geraniums, gladiolus, chrysanthemums, lilies, phlox, rhododendrons, roses, sweet peas, tulips, poppies, browalia, pasquelflowers, cineraria, sunflower, daisies.

Virtual Flowers
Live flowers or over 100 beautiful virtual flower bouquets

Wildflower Cards
Holidays, occasions, teachers, plain.

Champagne, coffee, chocolate, beer, ice cream

Cherish Cards
Drink Recipes

Jack Daniels Post Office
In Lynchburg, we let folks who visit us send a postcard to a friend. So choose one that you like. It won't cost you a thing and it'll cost you even less to send it.

Kelly's Postcards
Send a beer (Bud, Bud Light, Corona, Fosters, Heineken, High Life, Icehouse, Miller Lite, MGD, Michelob, Molson, Rolling Rock, Wisse Beer, Wine Cooler)
Mail-A-Meal Gourmet Postcards
Appetizers, beverages, soups, snacks, fast food, desserts, holiday food, cakes, gourmet, chocolate, home cooking, fruit, pies, romantic, ice cream, vegetarian, breakfast, special orders, low calorie, cheeses

Pepper Joe's Hot Peppers
Send a hot pepper card or a veggie card

Send Coffee
Coffee. Coffee drawings, coffee photographs

Unique Greetings
Fortune Cookies. Artists, career, computers, family, food, pessimistic, relationships, wisdom

Virtual Presents
Bread, cherries, donuts, garlic, nuts, lobster, pasta, pastry, apple pie, roast beef, strawberries.

Games, Asteroids, IQ Game, Blocks, Blunder Caveman, Jigsaw Puzzle

Blackjack, Jigsaw Puzzle, Quiz Show, HiLo, Cross Word, Gopher Bash, Asteroids, Warp, Centipede, Pengo

Gipsyland's Greetings Cards
Java Cards: Dugout, Icebox, Mastermind, Gopher Bash, Solitaire, Asteroids, Werms, Invaders, Rocks, Minesweeper

Monopoly Postcards
Go directly to jail and more....

Gargoyle Postcards
Gargoyles: Gargoyles, griffins, gnomes, angels. Or shop for the real thing carved in limestone or marble.




Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Online Greeting Cards, E Cards

Cards for men, cards for women

ADL Books
A Different Light Gay Selections.

ADL Books
A Different Light Lesbian Selections.

Amazing Dreams Publishing for Women, free lesbian e-cards, Lesbian Astrology, Lesbian Horoscope

BAB Digital Postcards
Gay: Thai men postcards


Denise's Free Cardsite
8 free postys

Digital Pulp Fiction Postcards
Gay & Lesbian cards

Womyn 2 Womyn

Gay Cards

Gay Condoms Cards

Gay Daze Postcard Center,

Gay Mart
Cards of every description for every occasion. Gay cards, lesbian cards, bi cards, transgender cards - for birthdays, Christmas and Valentines!

Men's cards

Women's cards

A few pride cards

Have A Nice Life
Scroll to the "Gay Pride" section

My Gay Web
ecards for men and women

Out in Columbus
Nice, very nice

Popshots, anniversary, birthday, love, union


Anniversary, birthday, commitment, condolences, house warming, valentines, love.  Rainbow Greetings was created to fulfill a need for tasteful greeting cards for the Gay and Lesbian communities.

Gay Pride, gay, lesbians, pride coupons

Roots and Wings

The Pride Arts Studio

Tasteful Greetings for Lesbians by Lesbians

To provide all communities with greeting cards that convey the true sentiments we have for our relationships, families and ourselves.


Union of Love
ICCR's Men's Greeting Cards

Union of Love
ICCR's Women's Greeting Cards

Unique On Central
Men 4 Men Cards, Women 4 Women Cards

Vash Designs
Inappropriately funny greeting cards. Scroll through to find your choice of card.

Vermont Teddy Bear
Yes, Real Vermont Teddy Bears

What Dreams May Come




Gift Online Greeting Cards, E Cards and Postcards

Virtual Presents
Gifts: Bath beads, vacation spots, furniture, cars and planes, jewelry, food, clothes, pets, flowers, tools, odds and ends, antique cards.


Webmania Designs


Sell UR Gadgets











Kiwi Gadgets





The Whiz Cells


Zombie Phone







Newton's Head









Radio Shack



Best Buy


Cash for Electronic Scrap USA

Target Trade-in



Cash 4 eWaste





US Veterans

Vets Prevail


Vet Resources

$$$ Help 4 Vets

USACares Grants


Realtime Traffic

TrafficLand Cams



Microsoft Live



Traffic Report

Custom Stamps

Your picture or biz logo on US Postage!

Picture It




Cool Time

Spam Clock



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