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Humor Greeting Cards:

Cherish Cards
(200+) General, work and office, computer stuff, bumper stickers

Fart Cards
We alsohave fart jokes and wavsthat can be sent to friends. Think you know about farts? Test your knowledge with our fart quiz.

Fun and Silly Greetings
Silly. Free animated electronic greetings cards and fun pages for holidays and alloccasions.

Funofun, Humor: One of the largest archive of humorous fun pages, funny pics, funny forwards

Gotgreetings, Humor: Zingers (Dr. Kevorkian, over 40, kiss my...), anniversary, birthday, congratulations, father's day, July 4th, friendship, get well, Mother's day, romance, thank you,

Humor Haus, Humor: Your Haus for the best in humor, jokes & cartoons! Come on in!

Wicked Moon, Humor: Politics Clinton. New Arkansas Quarter, Clinton The Early Years, Presidential 21-GumSalute

Willie Greeting Card, Humor: Electronic greetings from Willie P Richardson, the phone prankster.




Jewelry Greeting Cards:

123Greetings, Jewelry:

JewleryGrams, Jewelry: Rings, necklaces, watches, earings and more...

Virtual Presents
Jewelry: Earrings, Head Jewelry, Bracelets, Necklace, Chocker, Nose Ring.




Kids Greeting Cards:

Jokes, comfort, friends, sons and daughters

Astronomy for Kids
Astronomy: Planets, moons

Bunny's Place
Child Abuse: Cards to raise awareness of child abuse, help to bring missing children home,links to diseases and support networks for children and families

BrainPOP, Earth-to-Kids, Frogabet, Grandparents, pets, dinosaurs.

CBS Sportsline
Kid's Zone:

Fairy Children
Select a submitted children's picture or include your children's drawings in this page.




Love Greeting Cards:

Anonymous Love Letter
Anonymous: Send an anonymous love letter
Be Mine Greetings
& Romance:

Cards @ Loving You
Couples cards, everyday, general, holidays, events, letters, poetry, scenics, places, seasons, virtual gifts

Kisses, bouquest, missing you, romance, roses, valentines


Christine's Love Connection, Compose you own romantic card or design your own

Girl kisses, Guy Kisses, Wet kisses, Hugs and kisses, Soft blown kisses

Custom or Pre-puckered kisses, pouty, rosy pink, leopard skin kiss, regular, purple, tatooed kiss, thin, blue, wet kiss, wacky kisses and special occasion kisses

FLIRT Postcards & Services
Flirting: Ladies in Black by D. Winogrond, Sandra Chang's cartoons, Angels of G. Nelson, Pin-up Art of Janesco, Love in B&W, Mem, Women, Groups, B&W Art.

Georgia Girl's Postcards
I love you, kisses, hugs, friends, roses, lovesick, missing you, Hugs 'n Snugs, Floriography, inspirational, love poems

Get Lei'd Greetings
Getting Lei'd is one of life's greatest pleasures!  There are many styles you can pick from to Lei someone you love! Once you have been Lei'd, you may want to Lei someone else!! 

Romance, love, flowers, travel, nature. Artists: Carla Horwitz, Erin Reed, Staci Patten

Lovers Fun
Find love and romance greeting cards that express your deepest feelings

Renee's Postcards
Romance: Flowers, animals, wine and roses, sweetheart, music, timeless, sports, fantasy

Rish Mira Postcards
Dreaming of you, eyes on you, at the seaside, feeling hot, angel's love, thinking love, I love ya, I love you

Sand Box Greetings
Love letters, letters of friendship and lots of great e-greetings for many occasions to send to the people you care about

Secret Admirer
Lust: The Electronic Cupid. Find out if your crush likes you. Send him or her an anonymous SecretAdmirer message. If they send one back to you, you've got a match

Sojourneys Of The Heart
Love notes (syrupy, I love you, I miss you, sojourneys end, beary, a melody, sugary, mountains, eclectic, cajun, with a smile, autumn, soft & cuddly, flowers, from down under, horsenotes, Irish, fillies & lace)

Virtual Kiss
The Online Kissing Resource. Send Free E-Kisses, custom or pre-puckered

WRAL Valentine's Day Card Shop
Valentine's Day:

Yes e-Cards
Themed: Love, Miss U, Hello, Inspiration, Friendship, Birthday, Congratulations, Thank You, Get Well, Sorry, Anniversary.


Custom Search




Men Greeting Cards:

& Women - In Swimwear: Holiday, Blank Greetings, General, Flashgrams, Birthday, Special Occasions, For The Guys, For The Girls, Bikini.com Supermodels, Love and Romance, Office Humor, College.




Movie Greeting Cards:

Ever After Postcards
Fox Movies

Harry Potter
Harry Potter (Java Lake of Hogwarts), What is a Hero?, Ron Weasely, HagridChamber of Secrets,   Dobby the House Elf,   Harry Potter Java Word SearchHarry Potter Java Memory GameHarry Potter Candy

Titanic. Send a message from the RMS Titanic

The Movie Clip E-mail Message Service. It's better than a greeting card.

Romeo and Juliet
Movies: Romeo, Juliet, violence, passion, vengeance, forgiveness, despair, hope, love, death

Page 1, page 2, page 3.

Star Trek
Trek 1, Trek 2.

Choose from movie sound files.

WeB Cards
TV: Free and Fee cards, Warner Bros. Originals plus Looney Tunes, Movies, TV and Music cards.




Moving Greeting Cards:

Moved, We're moving, I have shifted.


Just Moved Postcards
Welcome to Just Moved Virtual Moving Announcements. From here you can send free virtual moving announcements.




Music Greeting Cards:

Forever Yours
Holidays, Friends and Lovers, Valentines, Virtual Flowers, Romantic places, and Java Lake effect greeting cards. Musical selections for your greeting cards now include Popular, Christian and Country.

The Musical Cardshop
Magic words, occasions, military, holidays, love, humor, seasonal, I'm sorry, Corvettes, sports, kids, sytmpathy.




Patriotic Greeting Cards:

A Postcard 2 Remember
Patriotic Cards and tributes.

CrossDaily Greeting E-Cards
Life Liberty, Bless America, Free & Brave.

Virtual Florist
Spirit of America:

Wildflower Cards
Veteran's wall, America The Beautiful.




Quote Greeting Cards:

Cherish Cards
& Sayings (200+): Aesop, Confucius, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Haldane, Nietzsche, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Ashleigh Brilliant, Albert Einstein, Epicurus, Franklin P. Jones, Will rogers, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde.




Religious Greeting Cards:

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Spirituality, Taoism,

Christian, Buddhism, Pagan, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim

Cherish Cards
God speaks, angels, house of Mary shrine, letters to God

Love From Above
Inspirational, friendship and love greetings

My Cards 4 U
Themed:150 poem and verse pages to send. Java and plain types of holiday, occasion and Christian

Themed: Angelic, holiday, occasion.




Scenic Greeting Cards:

Bahamas Digital PostOffice
Bahamas: What are you waiting for? There are no lines at the Bahamas Digital Post Office - so click away

Adventure Post Office
Beaches: Over 25 beautiful beach photographs

Adventure Post Office
Birds: Beautiful bird photographs around the world

Nova Scotia Postcards
Canada, Nova Scotia: Scenic postcards

Prince Edward Island
Canada, Prince Edward Island: Beaches, Buildings, community, golf, kayaking, lighthouses, museums, wind farm, sailing, sunsets, waterways

Scenic E Cards

Sunset E Cards

Waterfall E Cards

EcoChoices Community Greeting Cards
General: Arboretum, flowers, ocean wildlife

Gipsyland's Greetings Cards
General: Sunsets, animals, flowers, waterfall, sandunes, lakes, lightening, wolves, jellyfish

Loquax Postcards
General: and Sunsets

Oscar Gutierrez Nature E-Cards
General: Landscape, Nature, Flowers, Butrterflies

Send a Greeting
General: 40+ scenic photographs

Postcards from the Grave
Graves: Send photos of cemeteries and days gone past using the digital postcard

Greek postcards
Greece: Images of Greece, romance, love, humorous

Ireland: Large selection of Irish cards

Shop Irish
Ireland: Irish Castles, Guinness Pub Signs, Colorful Dublin

Independent photos, Mike Brown photos, Pascal Boret, Giles Norman

Life in Korea

Send a Greeting
Lake Titicaca: 15+ scenic photographs

Adventure Post Office
Landscapes: Over 30 beautiful Landscape photographs

Lighthouse Greeting Cards
Lighthouses: Lighthouses from around the world

Lighthouses: Worldwide

Adventure Post Office
Locations: Photographs of Sydney Australia, Stonehenge, Egyptian Pyramids, New York City WTC, The Great all in China, Eiffel Tower and more...

Gipsyland's Greetings Cards
New Zealand: six pages of scenic views

Send a Greeting
Rain Forrest: 35+ scenic photographs

Someone Sent You A Greeting
Space: Photographs of astronauts, Eclipse, Hourglass Nebula, Jupiter, Moons of Jupiter, M100 Nebula, Mars, Mars Landscape, Moon, Moon Rover, Moon Eclipse, Moon Lander, Neptune, Sagan Memorial Station, Saturn, Shuttle Landing, Shuttle Launch, Sojourner, Spaceman, Star Nebula, Supernove, Venus

Unique Greetings
Space: Inner planets, outer planets, nebulae, miscellaneous

Adventure Post Office
Sunsets: Over 30 beautiful sunset photographs

Best Regards

Postcards from The Isle of Man
The Isle of Man: Geographically the Isle of Man is part of the British Islands, situated midway between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. This small country has a land mass of some 227 square miles.

The Hunting Trail
US: Outdoor Scenes

Unique Greetings
US: Animals, beaches, flowers, forest, mopuntains, sunsets, water, winter

Alaska Wildcards
US, Alaska: Holidays, occasions

Adventure Post Office
US, California, San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, Ghiradelli square

Adventure Post Office
US, California, Yosemite: Tuolemne Meadows, Elizabeth Lake, Lower Cathedral Lake, Tuolumne High Country

Send a Greeting
US, Colorado: 15+ scenic photographs

@ Card from Venice
US, Florida, Venice: Beach I & II, beach families, beach couples, romance, sunsets, flowers, weddings, drinks, guys and dolls, sharks, from space, travel

Love Life
US, Hawaii: Love Life Radio's Postcards from Paradise

Postcards From The Edge Of America
US, Massachusetts, Provincetown:

DeerLake Postcards
US, Montana, Kalispell: Nature

US, Oklahoma: Ten Killer Lake

Laser Excellence
US, States: Holiday and general postcards

Postcards From America
US, 50 States: The Postcard Gallery, a, state-by-state archive of all the postcards from our first trip, the Capital Tour of America, arranged chronologically from the first day to the last day of this three-year journey from 1997-2000. Come see Amercia

KSL Outdoor Adventures
US, Utah: Over 50 beautiful picture postcards

Virtual Presents
US, Vacations: Alaska, Utah, Hawaii, Surfing, Resorts, Palm Beach, Waterfall, Island Beach, Golf, Sunset, Lighthouse

Sweet Briar College e cards
US, Virginia, Sweet Briar:

West Virginia
US, West Virginia:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Postcards
US, Wisconsin: Photographs of life in Milwaukee

Adventure Post Office
Waterfalls: Photographs of waterfalls from around the world

Best Regards

Worldwide: Web Cams. Hollywood sign, Loch Ness, Andorra, Cockroach, Frog, Big Ben, Edinbergh Castle, Niagra Falls, Queens Bridge, Shark Cam, Birdfeeder, Coit Tower.

Africa E-Postcards

Asia E-Postcards

Caribbean E-Postcards

Europe E-Postcards

North America E-Postcards

South America E-Postcards

South Pacific E-Postcards

Worldwide Photograph E Cards

City and Skyline E Cards

Sunset and Beach E Cards

Forest, Field and Flower E Cards

Ocean, River and Lake E Cards

Mountain, Rock and Desert E Cards

European Landmark E Cards

Amazing Hotel E Cards

Someone Sent You A Greeting
World Wonders: Photographs of the Abu Simbel, Earth, Grand Canyon, Inca Ruins, Stonehenge, The Parthenon, The Coliseum, Eiffel Tower, Goldengate Bridge, Great Wall of China, The Sphinx, Uluru (Ayers Rock).




Seasons Greeting Cards:

BethAnns Attitude
Summer, springs, fall and winter

Billy Bear's Postcards
SummerTime Sizzlers
The Winter Burrrr
Colors of Autumn
Floral Splendor




Sports Greeting Cards:

Golf, soccer, basketball, surfing, baseball, tennis, futball, rugby, and other sports

Nickey's Postcards
Two pages of sports

Someone Sent You A Greeting
Photographs of the Sailboating, skydiving, ballooning, baseball, basketball, biking, bunjie jumping, rock climbing, fishing, football, golf, hockey, jet skiing, kayaking, mounteering, white water rafting, roller blading, snow skiing, soccer, surfing, volleyball, windsurfing

Tennis Postcards
Tennis: Aggasi, Davenport, Henman, Kournikova, Pierce, Sampras

Wired 2000 Post Cards
Recreation: Ball Sports, beaches, boats, cars, golf, hot air balloons, racing, train, water sports, winter sports.




Titanic Greeting Cards:

Titanic. Send a message from the RMS Titanic.




Toy Greeting Cards:

Dolls, virtual pets, rocking horse, yo-yo

A2Z Toys
Soldier, horse, train, rocket

Beary Lovers Cards
Teddy Bears: Teddy bears of love and friendship

Ty Teanie Beanie Babies
Stuffed, Beanie Babies: Bull, duck, fish, flamingo, lamb, lizard, moose, platapus, seal, turtle

Virtual BearGrams
Teddy Bears: Holiday, occasions, hobbies and sports, retirement, gay and lesbian, Elvis.




Tribute Greeting Cards:

CrossDaily Greeting E-Cards, Tribute - 9/11/01: Fear No Evil, WTC Wreath, God Bless America

Kelly's Postcards, Tribute - 9/11/01:

SpiritisUp, Tribute - 9/11/01: Angel of comfort, One year later, From this day forward, Distant reflections, For the unfound, A moment of silence, United for Freedom

A Postcard 2 Remember
Patriotic: Patriotic Cards and tributes

CrossDaily Greeting E-Cards
Patriotic: Life Liberty, Bless America, Free & Brave

Virtual Florist
Patriotic: Spirit of America:

Wildflower Cards
Patriotic: Veteran's wall, America The Beautiful

Veterans of America Honor Guard
US Veterans: Card images include - Blue Angels, C-5A Cargo Aircraft, Space Shuttle, Polaris Submarine, P3 Orion, Navy F-18, USS Carl Vincent Aircraft Carrier, B25 Bomber, USS Long Beach, and many more selections.




Vehicle Greeting Cards:

Absolute Original Cards
Classic Cars, Audi Steppenwolf, Citroen C3, Peugeot Feline, Pontiac Piranha, Renault Avantime, Volkswagen W12

Angel Winks
Plains, Trains & Automobiles.

Corvette Postcards Online
Corvettes. The Yankee Lady has created a selection of electronic postcards, all with Vette themes. The selection includes all occasion cards, birthday cards, and special holiday cards

Gipsyland's Greetings Cards
Nascars. Labonte, Earnhardt, Gordon, Nascar, McDonalds
Nascars 2
Nascars 3
Nascars 4

Mallunique Card Emporium
Motorcycles. more motorcycles, and more motorcycles, and still more motorcycles.

Motorcycle Trading Post Cards
Motorcycles. Classic bikes, custom bikes, events, Harley-Davidson, off-road fun, old style postcards, on the road, pin-ups, racing, on route 66, trikes, women & bikes

Roy's Austin Healy
Austin Healy.

Unique Greetings
Antique cars, hot air balloons, boats, cars, helicopters, military, planes, trains, trucks.




Vintage Greeting Cards:

Penny Postcards
This service exists to provide free access to an ever-growing collection of interesting postcards. Penny Postcards is a spam-free postcard provider! Neither e-mail address, sender or receiver, will be added to mail lists or sent junk mail as a result of using this service.

Virtual Presents
Cards: Antique.




Wedding Greeting Cards:

Wedding, anniversary, engagement, bridal shower, thank you, made for each other, honeymoon, announce and invite

Wedding, engagement


Love to you both, great pair, happily ever after

CrossDaily Greeting E-Cards
Bride & Groom, God has joined, nice catch, wedding day, wedding bells, rings-Bible

Mika's Wedding Greeting Cards
Love in animation, holidays, animated flowers, angels, blank

Virtual Florist

Webmania Designs




Women Greeting Cards

& Men - In Swimwear: Holiday, Blank Greetings, General, Flashgrams, Birthday, Special Occasions, For The Guys, For The Girls, Bikini.com Supermodels, Love and Romance, Office Humor, College

Virtual Greetingcards
Super models, fun & cool, romantic

Virtual Greetingcards
Female Models.




Work Greeting Cards:

Webmania Designs
Office: More office

Wired 2000 Post Cards
Office: Boredom, bosses, coworkers, PC problems, Fridays, injuries, stress, thanks.




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