White Pages

411,   Intellius,   Mobile Phones,   All 50 State Legislatures,   DexKnows,   Hours-Locations,   B2B,   NOAA,   U.S. Congress,   Addresses,   FBI,   WP-People Phone Search,   AskWP,   U.S. Dept of State,   Harvard Med. School,   American Indian Tribal Leaders,   FAA Employee Directory,   State Phonebooks,   College/Univ. Contacts,   Lookup UK,   Freeality,   AnyWho,   YellowPagesWorld has a WP Section.

Yellow Pages

These are mostly mostly yellow with some blue pages,   U.S. YP,   Global Country YP,   Country Codes (Direct Dialing and Exit Codes), State Area Codes,   Free international long distance and more.

Who's Calling You?

"Who's Calling You?" offers you a way to really find out Who IS Calling You!!!   KillTheCalls,   Hiya,   YouTube-Who Called Me?,   Who Called Us,   RealPhoneLookup,   WhoCallsMe,   CallHunter,   PrivacyStar,   NameThatNumber,   PhoneDetective,   WhoEasy,   CallerComplaints,   Find Out WHO'S Calling,   CallFerret,   NY Times-How to stop Robocalls,   Ultimate Call Blocker,   Android Call Blocking Apps,   iOS Call Blocking Apps,   Nomorobo.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-Free phone numbers for: Corporate customer services,   Unemployment Offices for all 50 states,   Airlines,   Suicide Hotlines,   National Health Info Ctrs.,   Some state legislatures,   IRS numbers,   Victims of Crime,   Women,   infant and children gov. numbers,   U.S. Veterans Affairs Med. Ctrs.,   Disability orgs,   Various Toll-Free number search services,   T-F Reverse Searches,   U.S. National Library of Medicine,   "Big Companies" listed,   U.S. National Institutes of Health,   Major science equip. mfg. and more!

TollFree & VoIP Services

Yak,   1-VoIP,   MegaPath,   inTALK,   Rebtel,   Vopium,   Acanac,   Halloo,   Callcentric,   Kall8,   Xinflix,   HyperDog Digital,   Vonage,   FreelyCall,   iConnectHere,   Google Voice,   8x8,   Dial800,   Jive,   magicJack,   Alliance Phones,   CustomTollfree,   iTalkBB,   babyTEL,   Grasshopper,   ALLVOI,   PanTerraNetworks,   Canquest,   NumberBarn,   AllWorldPhone,   Onebox,   RingCentral,   JoiPhone,   Atlantic Telecom,   OnSIP,   VBUZZER,   Broadvoice,   Talkit,   netTALK,   Comwave,   Ooma,   Zoiper.